Snow Hits North Cyprus


As you glance at these pictures of Cyprus’s mountains blanketed in snow one would think that you’d be in a typical skiing resort in Austria or Italy! However this is not the case as the photos were taken in North Cyprus with the weather set to get colder over the coming days! .  North Cyprus generally has mild winter months but the temperatures have been forcast to get as low as -6 Degrees in the region. Usually the snow hits the Troodos Mountain range in the South of the island and it is rare for the snow to hit the northern region of cyprus.

A selection of images show the north cyprus snow has fallen at St. Hilaron Castle, Kaplica Beach, The Kyrenia Mountain Range and the images have been sent in by people all over the island.

What do you think of the weather conditions? Did the north cyprus snow fall in your garden? Let us know in the comments section below.


What Twitter thinks about the fasting ban

Earlier this week, Barclay Primary School in Leyton, east London, were criticised after sending out letters to Muslim pupils’ parents stating a ban on fasting during Ramadan.

The letter stated its position and justification on the ban, saying that the period between the opening and closing of fasting was in excess of 18 hours and that this was ‘a significant amount of time for a child to go without sustenance or water’, and that the school has a duty of care under the Education Act 2010 to consider.

“Previously, we have had a number of children who became ill and children who fainted or who have been unable to fully access the school curriculum in their attempt to fast,” the letter said.


Of course Twitter reacted:

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tweet 5


tweet 4


See the full letter here.

No visa paper at the boarder crossing points

Confidence building measures were agreed that would mutually benefit the two communities today as the Turkish Cypriot leader Mr Mustafa Akinci, and the Greek Cypriot leader Mr Nicos Anastasiades met at their first formal meeting.  Read the full statement below issued by UNSG Special Advisor Eide: A positive move with an announcement from Mr Akinci that there will no longer be a requirement to fill the visa form in at the boarder.  Read on for the full extent of their first meeting.


The full statement of the UNSG Special Advisor Eide: 

Today, The Turkish Cypriot leader Mr Mustafa Akinci, and the Greek Cypriot leader Mr Nicos Anastasiades, undertook to work tirelessly to reach as soon as possible a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus question.

The two leaders agreed that this will be a leader-led process.

The leaders began elaborating their shared vision for a united federal Cyprus. This took place in a very positive and constructive atmosphere.

Furthermore, the leaders agreed on how they intend to spearhead the process over the coming months. Mr Anastasiades and Mr Akinci have agreed to meet at least twice a month. Their next meeting will take place on Thursday 28 May 2015. The negotiators will meet intensively between leaders’ meetings in support of this endeavour. They will have their meeting later today.

As a sign of their mutual commitment, Mr Akinci and Mr Anastasiades agreed to work together on a number of confidence building measures that would mutally benefit the two communities. Mr Anastasiades provided Mr Akinci with the coordinates of 28 minefields in the north of the island and Mr Akinci announced that from tomorrow there will no longer be a requirement to fill a form at the crossing points. They decided to set up a committee to promote cultural events that could bring the two communities closer together. Both leaders stressed the importance of the missing persons issue and agreed to work together on this humanitarian matter,. They plan to meet socially in the coming period, demonstrating their unity in promoting a mutually acceptable resolution of the Cyprus ussue. They will visit each other on 23 May 2015. Furthermore they instructed the negotiators to work on further confidence-building measures for the two leaders to condsider.

In the prevailing climate of optimism and encouraged by the momentum that is building across the island, the two leaders underscored their shared will to reach a comprehensive settlement.


Source KP Daily News:

North Cyprus Century Project Update

trnc water project

The construction of the pipeline is on course to completed in May 2015. Billed as "the project of a century", the cost of the dams are close to 80 million Turkish Liras (US$37 million) and the project will supply around 130 million cubic meters of water to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus every year.

The 22km-long pipeline will carry 75 million cubic meters of water from Alakopru Dam to Anamurium Pumping Station, which connects to an undersea pipeline 1km away.

Of the 75 million cubic meters of water, 38 million cubic meters will be used for drinking and the remainder allocated for irrigation.

The pipeline will meet TRNC’s water needs as it has been struggling with water shortages for years.

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North Cyprus Tornado

The people of North Cyprus witnessed a special event this week when a tornado was spotted off the coast of kyrenia.


What do you think of the north cyprus tornado?

Did you see it?

Let us know in the comments section below.


Flights to North Cyprus: Tailwind Airlines



According to KP Daily News, Tailwind Airlines added a Boeing 737-800 to their fleet and made their first flight to North Cyprus. It’s believed that the airline will carry up to 60,000 tourists to Cyprus from Europe in 2015.  The airline started their flights in 2009 with a Turkish-English partnership and made their first trip to North Cyprus this week carrying 186 passengers from Leipzig, Germany.   It’s long term aim is to carry tourists from Europe into North Cyprus over the coming years.  Great new for tourism to North Cyprus.

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