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Day 4: Actiktim & Susadim, Girne Harbour – A Coffee Review by a Coffee Lover


The end to our road trip is sadly fast approaching, and we realised we still haven’t hit every one of our favourite coffee places. So we decided to devote an entire day to coffee tasting, sampling, smelling; you name it, we did it.

We visited all the classics; they are a must-try if you are heading to the harbour of Kyrenia and they are a definite LNC recommendation. So first of all, it was the beautiful balcony of The Colony hotel for us as you can see the whole of Girne from the top and for a premium hotel you do not pay premium prices. The coffees are excellent and priced between 6-9TL. If you are not familiar with the currency in Cyprus, take it from us that that is cheap!

After that we hit 4-5 different places including Niazis and Simit Dunyani; the latter we would not recommend, the ‘ice coffee’ was ironically hot and it took 15 minutes to be reluctantly replaced.

The game changer of the day came from an unlikely source, Actiktim & Susadim which is a small cafe near the harbour which only looked good enough for a quick food fix and not a lot else. However we were seriously proven wrong as the coffee was exceptional. In addition to a wide variety from lattes, cappuccinos, to espressos: A&S provided us with sweet-smelling coffee which was expertly designed and executed.  Meaning ‘I’m hungry, I’m thirsty’ in English, they deliver just that and more.

So that was it. I’m sure it would have been a tea-lovers nightmare, but for us the day was perfect.

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