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Top 10 Tips to buying property in North Cyprus

By Alexandra Gagan / December 27, 2014

  Buying property abroad can be a mine field no matter where and North Cyprus is no different therefore below are considered the top 10 tips when considering buying property in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). Research the market, re-sale or off-plan and source information from other purchasers for local knowledge to support […]


Why buy property in North Cyprus?

By Alexandra Gagan / November 1, 2014

Thinking of getting onto the property ladder, or are you simply looking for the perfect getaway spot for the family? Or maybe you are looking for that retirement destination? Look no further, THIS is why you should buy property in North Cyprus. North Cyprus offers an alternative to other parts of Europe and is increasingly […]


Top 5 Tips to Buying Property in North Cyprus

By Alexandra Gagan / October 30, 2014

These top 5 tips are the perfect starting point to ensuring a stress free purchase of your dream property in North Cyprus. 1.  Research and choose the right Lawyer ensuring they are both a conveyancing and litigation Lawyer.  Packages are available which will include permission to purchase a property and registration of your title deeds. […]