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No visa paper at the boarder crossing points

By Team LNC / May 15, 2015

Confidence building measures were agreed that would mutually benefit the two communities today as the Turkish Cypriot leader Mr Mustafa Akinci, and the Greek Cypriot leader Mr Nicos Anastasiades met at their first formal meeting.  Read the full statement below issued by UNSG Special Advisor Eide: A positive move with an announcement from Mr Akinci […]


Snow Hits North Cyprus

By Team LNC / February 19, 2015

  As you glance at these pictures of Cyprus’s mountains blanketed in snow one would think that you’d be in a typical skiing resort in Austria or Italy! However this is not the case as the photos were taken in North Cyprus with the weather set to get colder over the coming days! .  North […]


Flights to North Cyprus: Tailwind Airlines

By Team LNC / February 5, 2015

  According to KP Daily News, Tailwind Airlines added a Boeing 737-800 to their fleet and made their first flight to North Cyprus. It’s believed that the airline will carry up to 60,000 tourists to Cyprus from Europe in 2015.  The airline started their flights in 2009 with a Turkish-English partnership and made their first trip to […]


Discover Kale | Have you joined the kale club yet?

By Alexandra Gagan / January 20, 2015

The cruciferous holy grail of 2015. The strong and distinctive flavour of this cabbage like veggie has enticed every health novice,  buff and celebrity alike. Produced from June to March in the UK, kale is a deep green brassica with an increasing nutritional profile. Championed by celebrities and leading British chefs, this kale craze has been […]


A must try: Top things to do in Kyrenia

By Team LNC / January 1, 2015

The following are ranked by Trip Advisor as the top 20 things to do in Kyrenia, North Cyprus. St. Hilarion Castle Bellapais Monastery Kyrenia Castle Kyrenia Harbour Buffavento Castle Ancient Shipwreck Museum Alagadi Turtle Beach The Cyprus & Carob Warehouse Green Heights Park St Andrews Church Baldoken Ottoman Graveyard Archangelos Michael Church & Icon Museum […]


Burgers are as popular as ever

By Alexandra Gagan / January 1, 2015

  According to Google Burger Recipes top the list when searching for foods and nothing better than the comfort food itself.  Whether it’s meat, vegi option it’s top of the list and many a recipe has been pulled together to satisfy all tastes. Recreate the authentic American diner experience with burgers in soft white bun, […]


Let’s fly Cyprus Airways together

By Alexandra Gagan / December 27, 2014

According to the following report in Milliyet newspaper, Cyprus Airways is about to go into liquidation after owing over 80 million Euros. If the airline does not pay this debt by 9 January 2015, they will have to declare bankruptcy. It is at this point that DPM and Minister for Tourism and Economy Serdar Denktas […]


Eating a Mediterranean diet combats obesity, says doctors

By Alexandra Gagan / November 17, 2014

Often hailed as a champion against diabetes, strokes and dementia; the Mediterranean diet has now been crowned the number one way to tackle obesity. Despite often featuring foods high in calories, for instance rich cheeses and fatty meats, a new report has confirmed the worth of a balanced Mediterranean diet. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) […]

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