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Discover Kale | Have you joined the kale club yet?

By Alexandra Gagan / January 20, 2015

The cruciferous holy grail of 2015. The strong and distinctive flavour of this cabbage like veggie has enticed every health novice,  buff and celebrity alike. Produced from June to March in the UK, kale is a deep green brassica with an increasing nutritional profile. Championed by celebrities and leading British chefs, this kale craze has been […]


Burgers are as popular as ever

By Alexandra Gagan / January 1, 2015

  According to Google Burger Recipes top the list when searching for foods and nothing better than the comfort food itself.  Whether it’s meat, vegi option it’s top of the list and many a recipe has been pulled together to satisfy all tastes. Recreate the authentic American diner experience with burgers in soft white bun, […]


Day 3: Oh what a day!

By Alexandra Gagan / November 5, 2014

  The only good thing about today was breakfast at Ekor’s as we started off the day with a hot Turkish tea. We had a problematic day to say the least. We had every intention for a good day, but of course as in life, that did not go to plan! Our mission was to […]


Hummus: The Perfect Recipe

By Alexandra Gagan / October 29, 2014

  Turkish Hummus is sharply appetising and a main contender to any mezze platter. It can be served with pitta bread, or fresh bread for dipping or even act as a sauce with fried fish and kebabs. Try out this recipe and then send your pictures and reviews to our Twitter! Preparation  Soaking overnight + […]


What are the health benefits of pomegranates?

By Alexandra Gagan / October 29, 2014

Cyprus has the perfect climatic conditions for growing pomegranates, a super fruit and leading source of antioxidants, and it is that time of year where they are at there best. This Middle Eastern fruit has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. But does this distinctive ruby-red jewel like seed really have positive health effects? […]