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Day 3: Oh what a day!


The only good thing about today was breakfast at Ekor’s as we started off the day with a hot Turkish tea.

We had a problematic day to say the least. We had every intention for a good day, but of course as in life, that did not go to plan! Our mission was to travel all the way through Iskele, through the Tatlisu mountain and venture down the old coast road into Girne. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well it would have been perfect if the scorching sun didn’t swell up the front door on our apartment which meant we were locked out for the whole day! After an hour of fruitless attempts to prize the door open, we went on a hunt for a locksmith.

As we were driving, we noticed there were rows and rows of water pipes for the North Cyprus Water Supply Project which is connecting two reservoirs in Turkey and the TRNC  and aims to resolve the Islands age-old water crisis. Construction was well on the way, so everything seems to be coming together nicely with that.

Despite spending the whole day finding a locksmith (we’re in the middle of nowhere!) the day ended well, we watched the sun set down in Esentepe and enjoyed a beautiful dinner in a sea view restaurant on Crystal Bay beach. Roll on tomorrow!

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