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Discover Kale | Have you joined the kale club yet?

Curtesy of honestlyhealthyfood.com

Curtesy of honestlyhealthyfood.com

The cruciferous holy grail of 2015. The strong and distinctive flavour of this cabbage like veggie has enticed every health novice,  buff and celebrity alike.

Produced from June to March in the UK, kale is a deep green brassica with an increasing nutritional profile. Championed by celebrities and leading British chefs, this kale craze has been huge, and sometimes down-right silly. With recipe books named Fifty Shades of Kale (we are not even joking) and the continuous ‘All Hail Kale‘ puns going around, it is impossible to avoid. But what are the benefits of kale, and why should you eat it?

The super in ‘superfood’

One portion (80g) of cooked kale contains 120mg of calcium | which helps build strong bones and teeth, also helping to regulate muscle contractions including our heartbeat. Additionally ensures blood clots normally, so if you are on blood thinning medication speak to your doctor beforehand.

Excellent source of folate | which works together with vitamin B12 to form healthy blood cells and reduces the risk of central nervous system defects in unborn babies

Rich in Lutein | which is proven to help protect against cataracts and macular degeneration, two major age-related conditions.

One portion (80g) contains 448µg of Vitamin A | strengthens your immunity against infection, helps improve vision in dim light, and keeps the skin and the lining of some parts of the body healthy.

High in Vitamin K | increasing evidence that it helps increase bone strength

The best part, it is virtually fat free and low in carbohydrates

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