North Cyprus Century Project Update

trnc water project

The construction of the pipeline is on course to completed in May 2015. Billed as "the project of a century", the cost of the dams are close to 80 million Turkish Liras (US$37 million) and the project will supply around 130 million cubic meters of water to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus every year.

The 22km-long pipeline will carry 75 million cubic meters of water from Alakopru Dam to Anamurium Pumping Station, which connects to an undersea pipeline 1km away.

Of the 75 million cubic meters of water, 38 million cubic meters will be used for drinking and the remainder allocated for irrigation.

The pipeline will meet TRNC’s water needs as it has been struggling with water shortages for years.

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Melhuish - June 29, 2015

Nice film, beautiful pictures, but May 2015?? Finished?? Then why is no water flowing?? There have been no workers n the Guzel Yali pumping station for months now. The pipeline laying in Cyprus continues, but everyone is being very vague about when the water will actually flow. There have been several ‘official’ dates for the commencement of services. 20.7.2014 springs to mind, then a vague mention of October this year. Does anyone have any factual information on this? Has anyone asked about or been told the price of water?

    Team LNC - September 14, 2015

    Hi … I will have a look at some updates and see if any dates and prices have been released . Not seen much on this subject for a while. Life North Cyprus will keep close to it though Thanks Tracy

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