Let’s fly Cyprus Airways together

According to the following report in Milliyet newspaper, Cyprus Airways is about to go into liquidation after owing over 80 million Euros.

If the airline does not pay this debt by 9 January 2015, they will have to declare bankruptcy. It is at this point that DPM and Minister for Tourism and Economy Serdar Denktas has made a striking call to the GC administration and President Anastasiades to ‘fly the airline jointly’.

Denktas offered for the TC side to purchase 50% of the airline so that the company does not go under. He said the airline could be flown jointly as an airline for the whole island and proposed the planes taking off from Ercan could fly to Turkey and those from Larnaca to fly to Europe

Denktas said: “This would be an important rapprochement between the two sides” noting that the political aspect of things would continue to be discussed as well. He said this was nothing to do with recognition and reminded that Turkish Cypriots had experienced the bankruptcy of their national carrier.

Speaking in parliament, Minister for Transport  Hasan Tacoy pointed out that Cyprus was an island and this opportunity should be utilised. Tacoy stated that Turkish Airlines could also be made a partner as they had strong ties. CTP MP Birikim Ozgur also supported the idea and noted many international airlines joined forces.

Cyprus Airways which was established in 1945, has been experiencing difficulties for the past two years since the economic crisis. At present 1,100 people are working for the airline, which owns six planes.


Top 10 Tips to buying property in North Cyprus


Buying property abroad can be a mine field no matter where and North Cyprus is no different therefore below are considered the top 10 tips when considering buying property in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC).

  1. Research the market, re-sale or off-plan and source information from other purchasers for local knowledge to support your decision.
  2. Inspection Trips are readily available from reputable developers and estate agents therefore arrange a visit ahead of your decision.  Don’t act immediately, factor consideration time for all pro’s and con’s.
  3. Appoint an independent Attorney, who will carry out all the necessary legal checks required to support the purchase.  Appoint them as Power of Attorney to act in your absence, and making a valid Will is key to protect your property and personal estate.
  4. Once terms of sale have been agreed, ensure all additional costs are outlined in the contract of sale which include deposit, payment schedule if off-plan agreement and timescales for completion.  Additionally if late delivery by the developers what agreements are in place for this.
  5. Once agreements have been signed your contract of purchase will be recorded at the Land Registry as a statement of your legal interest in the property.  Your Attorney will do this for you.   At this point you will pay Stamp Duty of 0.5% of the contract price of the property.
  6. Your Attorney will apply to the Council of Ministers for purchase authorisation.  This can take some time, and possession of your property is likely ahead of authorisation being approved.
  7. Allow purchase costs i.e. VAT at 5% of the contract price, Property Tax (3% currently) once purchase authorisation is received.  Attorney Fees vary, and ensure you have a full break down of costs ahead of signing any contracts.  Factor in travel costs, inspection of progress if off-plan purchase has been made to ensure developers are on-track with the build.
  8. You must allow for purchase costs. VAT at 5% of the contract price is payable when you take occupation of your property. You will be charged an additional 3% of the contract price (property tax & this can vary), about one  to two years after you move into your property. This delay depends on the time it takes for purchase authorisation.
  9. When your purchase authorisation application is granted, the deed is transferred and at this time you will be asked to pay the above mentioned property taxes.  Some developers market their properties with Title Deeds therefore this process is quicker.
  10. Finally enjoy your home in North Cyprus

Online business usage increased by nearly fifty percent in Cyprus

The Statistical Service of Cyprus announced that 11.9% of Cypriot businesses took orders online in 2014, an increase in comparison with 2013, which was at 8.4%.

In addition, according to the results of the annual survey of ‘Information and Communication Technologies Usage and E-Commerce in Enterprise 2014′ the percentage of businesses that placed orders online rose from 13.2% in 2013, to 15.1 in 2014.

The survey covered over 1600 businesses with 10 or more employees.

Eating a Mediterranean diet combats obesity, says doctors


Often hailed as a champion against diabetes, strokes and dementia; the Mediterranean diet has now been crowned the number one way to tackle obesity.

Despite often featuring foods high in calories, for instance rich cheeses and fatty meats, a new report has confirmed the worth of a balanced Mediterranean diet.

While the World Health Organisation (WHO) has deemed obesity as a 21st Century pandemic, doctors writing for the Postgraduate Medical Journal have said that the focus should be on eating “healthy foods” rather than calorie counting.

The report stated: “The α-linoleic acid, polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids found in abundance in nuts, fruit, vegetables, olive oil and oily fish rapidly exert positive health effects by attenuating thrombosis and inflammation, and it is estimated that increasing population consumption of fruit and vegetables by one portion per day and nut consumption by two servings a week would prevent 5.2 million deaths from cardiovascular disease globally within just one year.”

According to WHO, worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. In 2008, over 1.4 billion adults, 20 or older, were overweight; including 42 million children under 5 being overweight or obese in 2013.


Othello Tower closed for restoration work


The Othello Tower in Famagusta, a famous tourist attraction of the city, has been closed to the public due to restoration work commencing. A date for completion has not yet been released.

However teams of workmen have sealed off the site with a United Nations Development Programme ‘Emergency Measures’ notice informing the public that a date for re-opening will be announced in due course.

The Othello Castle was built in the 14th Century to protect the port of Famagusta from enemy attack, it used to be known as the ‘Impenetrable Fortress’. The castle’s name derives from Shakespeare’s famous play Othello, which is set in a harbour town in Cyprus.

TRNC celebrates Independence Day, 15 November

November 15, a public holiday, marks the day that the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus was officially established by the Turkish Cypriot community in 1983.

Today was the 41st anniversary of the formation and was supposed to be celebrated with a performance by the Turkish Stars over Kyrenia however due to the rainy weather conditions, they have postponed until tomorrow. Also two vessels belonging to the Turkish Forces, ‘TCG Gelibolu’ and ‘TCG Burakreis’ submarine, lay outside of Kyrenia harbour and was open for visits to the public.

In addition, the ‘TCG Bora’ assault boat was open for visits at Famagusta port.

Slideshow: Famagusta, North Cyprus

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

CG Digital Images has produced some beautiful photos around Famagusta, North Cyprus. Here is a handful, but if you want to see the full gallery visit their Twitter or Facebook page.

Day 4: Actiktim & Susadim, Girne Harbour – A Coffee Review by a Coffee Lover



The end to our road trip is sadly fast approaching, and we realised we still haven’t hit every one of our favourite coffee places. So we decided to devote an entire day to coffee tasting, sampling, smelling; you name it, we did it.

We visited all the classics; they are a must-try if you are heading to the harbour of Kyrenia and they are a definite LNC recommendation. So first of all, it was the beautiful balcony of The Colony hotel for us as you can see the whole of Girne from the top and for a premium hotel you do not pay premium prices. The coffees are excellent and priced between 6-9TL. If you are not familiar with the currency in Cyprus, take it from us that that is cheap!

After that we hit 4-5 different places including Niazis and Simit Dunyani; the latter we would not recommend, the ‘ice coffee’ was ironically hot and it took 15 minutes to be reluctantly replaced.

The game changer of the day came from an unlikely source, Actiktim & Susadim which is a small cafe near the harbour which only looked good enough for a quick food fix and not a lot else. However we were seriously proven wrong as the coffee was exceptional. In addition to a wide variety from lattes, cappuccinos, to espressos: A&S provided us with sweet-smelling coffee which was expertly designed and executed.  Meaning ‘I’m hungry, I’m thirsty’ in English, they deliver just that and more.

So that was it. I’m sure it would have been a tea-lovers nightmare, but for us the day was perfect.

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