Day 3: Oh what a day!



The only good thing about today was breakfast at Ekor’s as we started off the day with a hot Turkish tea.

We had a problematic day to say the least. We had every intention for a good day, but of course as in life, that did not go to plan! Our mission was to travel all the way through Iskele, through the Tatlisu mountain and venture down the old coast road into Girne. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well it would have been perfect if the scorching sun didn’t swell up the front door on our apartment which meant we were locked out for the whole day! After an hour of fruitless attempts to prize the door open, we went on a hunt for a locksmith.

As we were driving, we noticed there were rows and rows of water pipes for the North Cyprus Water Supply Project which is connecting two reservoirs in Turkey and the TRNC  and aims to resolve the Islands age-old water crisis. Construction was well on the way, so everything seems to be coming together nicely with that.

Despite spending the whole day finding a locksmith (we’re in the middle of nowhere!) the day ended well, we watched the sun set down in Esentepe and enjoyed a beautiful dinner in a sea view restaurant on Crystal Bay beach. Roll on tomorrow!

Day 2: LNC Road Show Continues

turkish pancakes

We may be in Cyprus, but nothing beats a full English breakfast with pancakes and the hot sun beating down on your neck and the blue Mediterranean sea on the horizon. We were the first early bird customers in the Hilltop Bar and Restaurant and the owner welcomed us with such familiar warmth.

After our hearty breakfast we headed down into the walled city of Famagusta, passing the sandy surfaces of Long Beach and the water project pipes which were lined up for miles on end.

Once we hit Famagusta there was a wave of activity. From students armed with textbooks grabbing a quick coffee between lectures, to the beeping conversation of the inner city traffic. After hunting about all of Famagusta’s quaint boutiques, we indulged in one of the best tasting kebabs by the port. The homegrown plump tomatoes and fresh coriander complimented the tender lamb beautifully.

Finally in true LNC tradition, it was off to the famous Roberts Coffee for a Turkish Dream in the midst of the rush-hour commuters. The atmosphere was brilliant and the service was second to none.

To top it off we spent the evening with family and friends who live in Bogaz, and rounded the day off with a cold Efes.



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Day 1: Life North Cyprus Road Show

northern cyprus sunset

Imagine driving behind this for an hour?

The team here at Life North Cyprus have embarked on an impromptu road trip around North Cyprus; and we’re going to tell you all about it.

Of  course we’ve started day one with our favourite place; Ekor Bakery and Restaurant in Famagusta for a delicious light breakfast. There is nothing like a intricately made Cypriot pastry to start off your day.

We arrived at the Korineum Golf & Beach Resort around 2 o’clock for the all-inclusive Sunday dinner buffet. You could not dream of a nicer setting for a premium golfing resort than this. We were seriously impressed with the stylish decor and more importantly the attentive customer service. We left with our stomachs full and our spirits high.

Then we headed over to Kyrenia harbour down the mountain road, passing the sharp lines of the five-finger mountain on our left and the blue overcast  Mediterranean on our right. Considering it was a Sunday, it was business as usual for the harbour which was lit up and crowded with excited football fans looking up anxiously at the big screens.

After soaking in the atmosphere and stopping off for an essential ice-coffee by the sea front, it was time to head home after a successful first day of our spontaneous road show.

What will tomorrow bring?



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Why buy property in North Cyprus?

Crystal Bay View
Thinking of getting onto the property ladder, or are you simply looking for the perfect getaway spot for the family? Or maybe you are looking for that retirement destination? Look no further, THIS is why you should buy property in North Cyprus.
North Cyprus offers an alternative to other parts of Europe and is increasingly becoming more and more popular as an alternative holiday destination. The Mediterranean climate of long hot dry summers extending into late September early October, and mild winters from November to early March make it a perfect destination for holiday makers alike.



The continued growth in tourism has aroused the real estate market with property being significantly lower than in the South of the island, and other parts of Europe.  The North Cyprus property market can deliver exceptional returns for many years to come, with high quality residential accommodation available through many reputable developers and the re-sale market.  The rental demand has increased over the last few years and property owners have seen an increase in their rental income.



Very strict environmental controls and regulations for tourism development prohibit the building of high level residential projects.  A solution to Cyprus will inevitably increase property prices in the North of Cyprus making investment an attractive proposition.


Not convinced? Send us a message, and we would be more than happy to answer any enquiries you have!

Top 5 Tips to Buying Property in North Cyprus

property keys
These top 5 tips are the perfect starting point to ensuring a stress free purchase of your dream property in North Cyprus.
1.  Research and choose the right Lawyer ensuring they are both a conveyancing and litigation Lawyer.  Packages are available which will include permission to purchase a property and registration of your title deeds.
2.  Searches are key and your Lawyer should ensure there are no mortgages or legal burdens present. A sales agreement can then be prepared which protects you rather than the developer, and this agreement should be stamped and registered with the relevant land registry office.
3.  Ensure that the developer is certified and registered with the Construction Contractors Association.  Building Permissions should be confirmed and these should be attached to your sales agreement.
4.  Ensure that all additional fees are outlined in the sales agreement i.e. VAT, stamp duty, transfer fees etc and that you fully understand the total cost payable.
5.  Finally If you must give Power of Attorney, ensure that it is fit for purpose and the authorities given are limited.  A Client care agreement from the law firm/advocate ensures that the level of service is outlined to ensure delivery.

Top 5 Activities for Kids

TRNC Water Park

1. Aphrodite Water Park



Join the fun at Paphos Aphrodite Water Park. Paphos is situated at the far eastern end of the Kato Paphos coastal road. Offering a wide and varied selection of rides, attractions and facilities, this is a winner for the whole family.

2. Kings Leisure Centre – Ten Pin Bowling


Ten-pin bowling is a classic activity for a family to enjoy, and this three story fun-fuelled complex will not disappoint. With a variety of restaurants and bars, Kings is perfect if you want to make a day of it!

3. Alagadi Turtle Beach


Can you imagine a sight more precious than watching newly hatched baby turtles excitedly race towards the sea? Introduce your children to a once in a lifetime opportunity at Alagadi Turtle Beach.

4. The ZET International Karting Circuit

For children aged 7 onwards, go-karting is for the adventurous! ZET is a family run leisure centre which has over 14-years of experience and will make your holiday one to remember.  As well as the 1200m long track, ZET includes a Z1 bar and Z1 cafe and BBQ area offering dishes from local and international cuisines.

5. Horseback riding


For people who do not want to hire a car, this is a different take on the island. There are currently three riding clubs providing tours and training in North Cyprus. Catalkoy Riding Club, TunacRiding Club and Cyprus Garden Holiday Villages all offer a unique perspective and experience for the family to enjoy.


Hummus: The Perfect Recipe

Turkish Cypriot Hummus


Hummus LNC

Turkish Hummus is sharply appetising and a main contender to any mezze platter. It can be served with pitta bread, or fresh bread for dipping or even act as a sauce with fried fish and kebabs. Try out this recipe and then send your pictures and reviews to our Twitter!


Soaking overnight + 1 hour cooking + 15 minutes

Serves 4-6


175g chick-peas, soaked overnight (do not use tinned chick peas, as they are ineffective)

2 gloves of garlic, chopped

2 tablespoons tahini paste (optional, but add more oil if not used)

Juice of 1 and a half lemons

1 and a half teaspoons ground cumin

4 tablespoons of vegetable oil

300ml (about 1/2 a pint) of chick pea cooking liquid

Salt and pepper


Rinse the chick-peas. Cover with plenty of water in a large pan, bring to the boil and skim until clear. Cover and cook until soft: in a pressure cooker they will take 15-20 minutes; otherwise a little over 1 hour, according to their age. Strain the chick-peas, reserving the cooking liquid. divide all the ingredients in two and place the first batch in a food processor or liquidiser; blend until grainy and of a runny consistency. If too dry, add more liquid and then adjust the seasoning and blend it in briefly. Make the second batch in the same fashion.

Afiyet Olsun!



Recipe taken from

What are the health benefits of pomegranates?

LNC Pomegranate


Cyprus has the perfect climatic conditions for growing pomegranates, a super fruit and leading source of antioxidants, and it is that time of year where they are at there best.

This Middle Eastern fruit has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. But does this distinctive ruby-red jewel like seed really have positive health effects?

It is claimed that pomegranates can be effective against heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation and some cancers, including prostrate cancer. Additionally it is proven that they are a good source of fibre and contains vitamins A, C and E and iron.

However based on a study conducted by NHS Choices, the health benefits of pomegranates are still inconclusive. Alison Hornby, a dietitian and British Dietetic Association (BDA) spokesperson that they consulted, says:

“Research suggests there may be a benefit but we’ve not shown it yet. The studies that have found an improvement in existing health conditions were very small and more investigation into the role pomegranate plays in these improvements is needed.

“A 150ml glass of pomegranate juice counts as one of your 5 A Day. Make sure to avoid brands with added sugar. You could also add pomegranate seeds to cold dishes and salads. It’s a healthy and appetising way to increase the nutritional value of your meal.”

Check out the top 10 ‘super’ fruits here.

What are the other superfoods?

Goji Berries                     Green Tea

Chocolate                         Broccoli

Oily fish                            Garlic

Wheatgrass                     Beetroot


What’s on: 2015 North Cyprus National Holidays


North Cyprus is rich in tradition and has a proud cultural heritage. Every year there are lots of colourful events, celebrating anything from music and dance, to harvests and the changing seasons. 2015 will unravel a number of festivals and national days as follows:

North Cyprus National Holidays

Turkish Cypriots love to celebrate their  country’s history, and many holidays are based around important events in North Cyprus’ history, such as Independence Day (15 November), Victory Day (30 August) and TMT Day (1 August). As a nation of predominantly Muslims, Turkish Cypriots celebrate major religious holidays, such as Kurban Bayrami and Seker Bayrami.

1 January – New Year’s Day
23 April – Children’s Day
1 May – Labour Day
19 May – Youth and Sports Day
20 July – Peace and Freedom Day
30 August – Victory Day
29 October – Turkish Republic Day
15 November – Northern Cyprus Republic Day

No plans necessary: Cyclist Rolf Riley takes on Cyprus “one day at a time”

trnc cycling

rolf on bike

Tired of the UK’s ‘live to work’ ethic, cyclist Rolf Riley, aged 53, cut the safety net and set off on a life’s journey around the continents. Now, with just his bike and guitar in tow he has set off on a remarkable unplanned road trip around Cyprus. Here is his story.

Riley got his first taste of freedom back in 1976, when he was just 15-years-old.

“My parents bought me my first ‘racer’ style dropped handlebar bicycle, so I rode to Paris and back that same year with two of my school friends, sleeping rough along the way. That was the happiest two weeks of my life.”

Over the years, Rolf succumbed to what he calls “societies expectations”. He got married, bought a house and worked on his career; but that only made him “fat, unfit and miserable”. He even stopped cycling, and when he reached a whopping 23 stone he knew it was time to change.

“My doctor told me some hard truths, so I decided to get fit and I remembered those days of fun I had at 15 so I started on my rusty old mountain bike”.

From there he got better and better, thinner and thinner. After losing his mother three years ago, Rolf decided that life was too short to sit in societies ‘box’, so he rented his flat in Brighton, loaded up his Dawes Galaxy bicycle and embarked on an amazing adventure, which has led to this impromptu road trip around Cyprus.

bike bogaz

Rolf and his bike in Bogaz.

Rolf has ridden on every piece of road in North Cyprus (where he is based), including many ascents to Kantara and Buffavento castle, St. Hilarion castle and he has even ridden to the tip of the Karpaz.

From the mountains and the safe roads, to the polite cypriot drivers, Rolf loves everything about Northern Cyprus.

“Only the other day whilst riding past the huge Turkish flag on the hill in Northern Cyprus, a white van driver came along and handed me a cold bottle of water! That would be unheard of in the UK.”

Along the way, Rolf has been updating his blog ‘Cycling in Cyprus with no particular plan’ which he calls his  personal “scrapbook”.

“People are mostly supportive and interested but some people don’t believe me when I say I have ridden the kind of mileage I do! One thing I have learnt is that I can do anything I want to, all I have to do is commit to it and only then does success become a forgone conclusion.”

Rolf’s Cypriot adventure continues, and if you want to follow him then check out his blog here.

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