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Top 5 Tips to Buying Property in North Cyprus

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These top 5 tips are the perfect starting point to ensuring a stress free purchase of your dream property in North Cyprus.
1.  Research and choose the right Lawyer ensuring they are both a conveyancing and litigation Lawyer.  Packages are available which will include permission to purchase a property and registration of your title deeds.
2.  Searches are key and your Lawyer should ensure there are no mortgages or legal burdens present. A sales agreement can then be prepared which protects you rather than the developer, and this agreement should be stamped and registered with the relevant land registry office.
3.  Ensure that the developer is certified and registered with the Construction Contractors Association.  Building Permissions should be confirmed and these should be attached to your sales agreement.
4.  Ensure that all additional fees are outlined in the sales agreement i.e. VAT, stamp duty, transfer fees etc and that you fully understand the total cost payable.
5.  Finally If you must give Power of Attorney, ensure that it is fit for purpose and the authorities given are limited.  A Client care agreement from the law firm/advocate ensures that the level of service is outlined to ensure delivery.
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